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Crush from University Camp  


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Chris has gone to University camp as long as he can remember. He adored spending his summers at camp Dean. It was an excellent University camp with everything that makes a camp great, like kayaks, climbing trails, and open air fires. The best part however was the ladies. Chris and his companions would dependably gaze at the ladies at the shoreline. Their fine bodies would turn them on. Some of them had excellent bodies, others, not really. Camp Dean was a vast camp however and there were dependably huge amounts of ladies to gaze at. Whatever state of mind Chris was in, there was a lady for him to take a gander at. In the event that he needed conditioned yet supple tits and a gigantic firm ass he would take a gander at Madi. On the off chance that he needed a thin petite he would take a gander at Lindsay. He was truly great friends with them two however when they went to the lake it was hard for him not to watch them when he was around them.

One day around 1 o clock, after lunch, a great many people were making a beeline for the lake including the greater part of Chris' companions. Today however Chris had a thought. He told his mateds that he would see them later. As they cleared out Chris started strolling into the forested areas. Checking out Chris proceeded with facilitate into the forested areas where he was soon far from the camp, however the shoreline was as yet unmistakable. Checking once again to ensure he wasn't chased after. Subsequent to being certain there was nobody around he hauled his dick out of his shorts and started stroking it while viewing the ladies down on the shoreline. His hand stroked his pole as he viewed the ladies running and swimming on the shoreline. He could see Madi laying on her stomach on the dock. Her dim dark hair secured back and her tits were squeezed out against the dock. Chris began stroking harder taking a gander at Madi's rear end. He envisioned simply spreading her cheeks and taking decent lick of her pussy. Chris continued stroking increasingly searching for his companion Lindsay, yet she was no where to be seen. He needed to see her tight body so seriously. He envisioned fucking her. Chris was a bigger than expected when it came to sheer size and he had a bigger than normal dick. Chris knew this and fucking and annihilating a petite  lady just made it go up. He continued reasoning about devastating Lindsay. He envisioned constraining his big dick into her tight pussy, lifting her up, and having his way with her. He could simply lift her up and slide her on his dick. He would suck on her little titties and draw her dull dark colored hair. He envisioned sneaking into the forested areas with her and fucking her. Lost in his fantasy, he opened his eyes when he looks down and sees Lindsay there. She at long last appeared! Chris watched her, stroking quicker than any time in recent memory as she takes her garments off and is left in her two-piece. Chris glances over to Madi who is laying alone on the shoreline now. She is on her stomach tanning, however this time she has pushed her base swimming to resemble a thong. Her immense tight ass cheeks were out and free. At this site Chris looses it and begins cumming hard. He looks back to Lindsay to look at her tight body and sees her gazing at him. Not simply toward him but rather directly at him. At the point Chris can't stop so he just continues stroking and cumming. He completes and looks as Lindsay as she advances up the shoreline. "Ohh crap" Chris thought.

Essentially running Chris discovers his way through the forested areas to the camp. He needs to think of a plausible excuse. He enters the camp and advances toward his lodge. It is one of 7 that encompass a little field. His is on the contrary side to where he is standing. He sees nobody around. Each one is out at the shoreline or playing sports. Chris advances toward his lodge and he sits on his bunk. He begins to consider what to use as a reason. On the off chance that Lindsay asks where he was Chris needs to reveal to her something authentic. Chris begins walking about the lodge considering, and watching out the screen window he sees Lindsay crossing the field wanting his lodge. "Aww shittt" Christ thought. He couldn't stow away any longer so he dove on to his bunk and claimed to be snoozing. Possibly she would leave him alone. He lays as still as he can. Attempting to mimic sleep. Before long he hears strides on the stairs and the screen to the lodge opens. She approaches him and he tries so difficult to look asleep What occurs straightaway however Chris never anticipated. Lindsay pulled down his shorts and got a handle on his dick. Chris could feel Lindsay's hand wrap around his semi hard cock, and she gradually started to stroke it. Chris couldn't believe this was really going on. Would it be a good idea for me to wake up? He pondered internally. Be that as it may, on the off chance that I wake up she may stop. So Chris laid there as his dick got harder than any time in recent memory. This is so fucking hot! Lindsay's fucking stroking me off! Chris was cherishing each thought of Lindsay's handjob. He heard her spit on his dick and could feel her hot spit cover it as her hand began coasting once again the around the tip. She began stroking even quicker and spit some more to lube it up. Her hand skimmed all over Chris' dick, Slick & smooth.

At that point Lindsay said in a low voice "This should wake you up". Chris felt Lindsay wrap her warm mouth around the tip of his dick and felt as she endeavored to push her self down as deep as she could. Chris let out a groan, opened his eyes and sat halfway up. Lindsay pulled her mouth off his dick and sat up grinning.

"Oh my goodness!" Chris shouted attempting to act surprised.

"Hello there Chris" Lindsay said with a laugh and a grin.

"What the heck are you doing?" Chris said.

"I was thinking a similar thing when I saw you snapping off in the forested areas. I must be straightforward that turned me on so much, and when you kept running off I realized that you saw me watching you. So I came to have a ton of fun. We have known each other for some time now and were both horney so lets play around Chris" Lindsay said as she gradually removed her shirt.

"My goodness. You sure Lindsay?" Chris said as he reach up to grab her boobs.

"Im beyond any doubt! Everybody is out right now, where completely alone! This will be entertaining." Lindsay said as she came to back and put her hair up into a pig tail. After that she pulled her swimsuit off and Chris got an eye full of her amazing tits. They were little yet at the same time energetic and squeezable. He went in and kissed them and sucked on her nipples. He at that point began kissing up Lindsay's neck until the point when their lips met and they fell back onto the bunk. They made out energetically. They swapped spit as their tongues moved and Lindsay went down and snatched Chris' cock once more. She kept stroking it and Chris helped pull off her two-piece. When it was off Chris could feel the warmth originating from Lindsay's pussy on his leg. He slid a finger into her drenching wet opening. Spreading Lindsay's wetness. Lindsay let out little groans as Chris' fingers kept on working her pussy. He discovered her clit and began to hover it with his hand.

"Ohh fuck yes, in that spot Chris" Lindsay said. "Awww fuck yes continue!" Chris continued rubbing her clit and Lindsay started to orgasm. She squirted a little onto Chris' legs.

"Holllyy fuck." Lindsay said while descending from her climax. "Ive been holding that in all week fuck. I want that dick in me now" Lindsay requested. They switched positions so now Lindsay was on her back. Chris checked to ensure nobody was coming. It was clear so he looked down to take in Lindsay, naked in front off him. Lidnsay was grinning, and prepared for his dick. He spit on his fingers and spread it onto his cock  and slid it onto Lindsay's cunt. Chris couldn't believe this was happening. He gradually pushed forward and looked as his bigger than normal dick, working its way into Lindsays pussy. He looked to Lindsay's to see her in tormented and unadulterated delight.

"Go deeper" Lindsay said as she climbed up and got onto Chris' hips. Chris continued pushing forward until the point when he went as deep as possible. Lindsay let out a little shout as the tip of Chris' cock hit the base of her vagina.

"Ohh fuck its so huge Chris!" Lindsay said. A scent reminiscent of summer sweat, sex, and unadulterated desire filled the lodge and it turned on the  sweethearts considerably more. Chris began pushing and fucking harder, and Lindsay cherished getting fucked. Lindsay's tight hot pussy felt astounding as it crushed Chris' immense dick. Chris went down and their chests touched. For a couple of minutes they had amazing sex. Chris gradually pushed deeper into Lindsay, and she ripped at his back. They kissed each others necks and ears. Chris looked down at his cock as it vanished inside his companions pussy. He began fucking her quicker and speedier and soon his balls were slapping her rear end. Lindsay looked specifically at Chris and came to over with her hand. She got his wrist and moved it so he was holding her throat. At that point she said in the most sultry voice, "fuck me like a skank"

With that Chris lost it. This is the scenario  that he was imagining. Annihilating this tight sexy Uni girl. He snatched her throat delicately and started to truly pound into her pussy. His dick spread her cunt and Lindsay tossed her head back and groaned.

"Ohh yes Chris! Fuck! Fuck me like a prostitute!" Lindsay hollered. Chris began snorting as he fucked her considerably harder. He felt Lindsay cum as her cunt crushed his cock and Lindsay shouted. With that he hauled his cock out and stroked it angrily cumming everywhere on Lindsay's tummy.

"Ohhh yes give me all your cum!" Lindsay said as ropes of hot jizz sprayed all over her tight conditioned body. Chris fell on Lindsay.

"This will be a fun week" Lindsay said.

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